The story of Hai Boots

The story of the Hai boot started year 1968. There aren’t many Finns who don’t have memories of the Hai boot from some stage of their life. Hai boot has almost been ”a well kept secret” of Finland but now outdoor persons appreciating dashing and practical clothing all over the world are showing a great interest to them.

Truth be told, Nokian Footwear manufactured rubber boots for leisure activities even before the Hai was designed. The story of Hai began in 1968, when it was launched as a sailing boot. From the very beginning, it was apparent that Hai had the potential to turn into a big phenomenon.

Over the course of time Hai developed into a versatile multipurpose boot, all the while maintaining its popularity among yachtsmen. The first colours in men’s models were black, blue and white, whereas women could choose from red, blue and white. Today, the most popular colours are the classic black and dark red. Other colours in the basic collection are blue and yellow.

Few other rubber boots have been manufactured in as many colours as the Hai boot. The 1960’s, 1970’s and early 1980’s in particular were the golden era of the Hai boot: the model was manufactured in numerous different colours and sizes.

Now the Hai concept includes new colours for each season, and the idea that served as an inspiration for the new Hai Tricolor. In addition to the familiar white, Hai Tricolor features two other colours: one main colour and another that appears both on the sole and around the collar.

The Hai product family has also grown: in 2010 with Hai Kids, a children’s version of the boot, and in 2015 with Hai Low, the ankle boot version of the model. This all-time classic is still going strong and will certainly remain a must-have accessory for outdoor spirited persons!