Care guide

Rubber boots, just like any other boots, will serve you longer if taken care of appropriately. Here are a few tips on how to care for your boots:

  • Wash the boots every now and then with lukewarm soapy water and a sponge – once the boots get too grimy the rubber becomes hard to clean

The most important raw material of your boots is natural rubber made from the latex of the rubber tree. Genuine natural rubber is a renewable natural resource that is very resistant to mechanical abrasion and maintains its softness even in cold weather. Natural rubber is, however, poorly resistant to ozone, oil and high temperatures. That’s why softeners as well as filler, colouring, preservative and vulcanisation agents are added to the rubber compound. In addition to natural rubber, some rubber compounds contain synthetic rubbers, which withstand abrasion, oil and chemicals better than natural rubber. Special compounds are particularly important in occupational footwear designed for demanding conditions.

Store your boots upright in conditions no warmer than room temperature. Light and heat will damage the rubber surface, so don’t store your boots in direct sunlight or in a hot room. On the other hand, keeping your boots in an unheated storeroom or at a cabin over winter will not damage them.