How is the quality of rubber boots measured?

Top scores in product tests reflect the fact that Nokian Footwear produces the most durable and hard-wearing rubber boots on the market. On average, their life span is twice that of other European brands and even 20 times that

Do Nokian Footwear boots come with a guarantee?

Due to careful testing, Nokian Footwear boots come with a 12-month guarantee against defects in manufacturing or materials and a 5-year storage guarantee for our resellers. Made of natural rubber, Nokian Footwear boots can be sorted as mixed waste

Where can I buy Nokian Footwear rubber boots?

Several Finnish webstores sell Nokian Footwear. You can access them from the link Buy now on our front page. Some of the webstores ship our boots outside Finland as well. You can also contact our importers below for more information on

Who owns Nokian Footwear?

The Finnish family firm Berner Ltd acquired Nokian Footwear Ltd’s business operations in 2005, thus ensuring that Nokian Footwear’s valuable heritage is preserved also for future generations.

Established in 1883, Berner Ltd is a Finnish family business that has

Why are my boots going grey?

At the manufacturing stage, the rubber surface of the boot is finished with lacquer and silicone. With use, however, the silicone on the surface of the boot wears off, particularly if the boots are used often or they are

Are Nokian Footwear boots made from natural rubber?

The most important raw material of our boots is natural rubber made from the latex of the rubber tree. Genuine natural rubber is a renewable natural resource whose excellent properties include elasticity as well as resistance to cold and

What’s the history of rubber?

The natives of South America already knew about rubber thousands of years ago. They were aware of a miracle tree from which milk-white resin began to flow when a gash was cut on its side. These ‘tears’ of the

Where should I store my rubber boots?

Store your boots upright in conditions no warmer than room temperature. Light and heat will damage the rubber surface, so don’t store your boots in direct sunlight or in a hot room. On the other hand, keeping your boots

How should I take care of my rubber boots?

Taking good care of your rubber boots will make them last longer. Wash your boots every now and then with lukewarm soapy water and a sponge. Avoid using a hard brush or solvent-based detergents. Dry the boots at room