Lauri Tähkä pulls on Kontiot

(Berner Ltd/Nokian Footwear; press release 6 February 2020)

Great Finns joined forces – Nokian Footwear, the rubber boot brand loved by Finns, gets a partner of equal stature, as vocalist Lauri Tähkä pulls on a pair of Kontio boots, the king of rubber boots.

The relaxed event to kick off the partnership of Lauri Tähkä and Kontio was arranged in a restaurant in Helsinki. Twelve lucky winners of a draw got to sit at the same table with the star vocalist.

Kontio_sivu Lauri Tähkä
Kontio boots are exceptionally well suited to varying Finnish weather conditions. They are a practical, natural choice for walking in nature, from the seaside to the forests, from duckboards to lake landscapes. I really need boots often, and they must absolutely be Kontio boots – my rubber boots for life, says Tähkä.

Kontio since 1973 – it is always a good time for the outdoors

Kontio boots have accompanied Finns to the outdoors since 1973. The traditional Nokian Footwear rubber boots have ensured that the outdoors can be enjoyed in all weathers.

Kontio boots are a Finnish classic, protecting Finnish feet even in the sometimes challenging weather conditions. Kontio has grown into a family of rubber boots, including not only the traditional knee-high Kontio, but also a low cut Kontio, Kontio for children and Kontio Winter, ideal for winter use.

Lauri Tähkä and Kontio rubber boots

Kontio boots now have an ambassador of equal stature, as Lauri Tähkä, the beloved Finnish artist, pulls up his trouser legs and puts on, what else, but the genuine, original kings of rubber boots – Kontio boots.

The cooperation between Tähkä and Kontio was launched in the beginning of 2020, and the most sharp-sighted have already spotted the black classics in the star artist’s social media.

Lauri Tähkä’s Kontio competition attracted more than 20,000 participants

The cooperation was launched for the general public through Lauri Tähkä’s social media channels in a competition which attracted more than 20,000 participants.

The first prize was a dinner in Helsinki with Lauri Tähkä for twelve lucky winners, with friends, on Wednesday, 5 March 2020.

The long-term cooperation between Lauri Tähkä and Kontio, under the hashtag #elämänkumppari, will last until the end of 2021.

Shared values

Lauri Tähkä’s life values are strongly rooted in Finnish traditions and authenticity, and the same values lie at the core of the Kontio brand. Both are absolute forefront leaders in their fields in Finland, and it is a funny coincidence that they share the same year of birth: 1973.

How about a boot day outing with Lauri Tähkä?

In addition to the media contents, the cooperation between Kontio and Lauri Tähkä includes a contest for consumers. The first prize is an outing with Tähkä on Boot Day in autumn 2020.