Natural rubber is a renewable organic material made from the latex of cultivated rubber trees. A quality rubber boot is soft, comfortable and lasts for years when stored and taken care of appropriately. Nokian Footwear rubber boots are made of a natural rubber compound that is very resistant to mechanical abrasion and maintains its softness even in cold weather. The rubber outsole does not harden even in freezing temperatures, giving the boot a remarkably better grip than hard plastic outsoles. The best rubber boots are made just like leather boots, with all the necessary support structures. Depending on the use, our boots feature various heel or side reinforcements and ergonomic midsole constructions. These features ensure that our boots can be worn all day without foot fatigue. No banned chemicals or harmful substances are used in Nokian Footwear boots. Responsible production is important to us. Our boots are produced mainly in Europe and our contract manufacturers hold ISO certifications, quality certifications and environmental certifications.

Put on the world’s best rubber boots

Nokian Footwear has manufactured handmade rubber boots since 1898. The boots are a result of cooperation between Finnish designers and the world’s best rubber boot manufacturers. Each boot consists of dozens of parts, and our designers have close control over production, from the choice of the right rubber compound all the way to the finished product on the retailer’s shelf. Our contract manufacturers in Serbia, Slovakia and Malaysia are ISO certified and pay special attention to good working conditions and ecologically sustainable production processes.

Natural rubber is a renewable natural resource

Rubber boots are made using genuine natural rubber. Rubber is a renewable natural resource that performs outstandingly in cold conditions. Any excess rubber is utilized carefully – after all, we believe that nature is meant to be explored, not destroyed.

Based on decades of R&D

Rubber boots are the result of meticulous R&D work. Nokian Footwear has collected data about the Finnish consumers’ feet for decades. Based on this knowledge, a unique set of lasts used to produce well-fitting boots for different feet was designed. The sizing of the original lasts has proven extremely suitable for the international market as well. Nokian Footwear’s rubber compounds are made with tested rubber recipes and first class materials to make sure that each pair of rubber boots fulfils the strictest quality requirements and lasts for a long time.

Testing in cold and extreme conditions

Nokian Footwear rubber boots have been tested in extreme northern conditions. They last for a long time and are 100% waterproof. Manufactured using Nokian Footwear rubber recipes, the boots can be worn in freezing temperatures of up to -40°C without breaking. Several models come with a warm lining, either fixed or removable, making them a perfect choice for winter or outdoor use in challenging conditions.