Responsible operations are an integral part of day-to-day work at Nokian Footwear. Our products are manufactured in a sustainable manner and we strive to promote responsible practices in all our operations. Our contract manufacturers have undertaken to adhere to Berner’s Code of Conduct, and they are also obliged to comply with applicable local and international legislation pertaining to employees’ status, occupational safety, equality, non-discrimination, privacy, bribery and corruption, competition, environmental protection and product safety.

Nokian Footwear’s products are made of natural rubber mixtures, with the rubber harvested from cultivated rubber trees. Our production process uses renewable natural resources and any leftover material is recycled back into the process. No banned chemicals or substances that are hazardous to human health are used for Nokian Footwear products. The majority of our boots is manufactured in Europe, and our European contract manufacturers are EN ISO 9001 and 14001 certified. In the Far East, where some of our products are made, we expect that all new contract manufacturers have valid Amfori BCSI or SA8000 -certificates. We expect that all our suppliers are prepared to develop their operations to pass the audits and obtain the certificate. We also regularly visit factories that manufacture goods for us.